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Best collections of Call her daddy hoodie for you

Before the advent of the much spoken about hoodie, two friends, Sofia Franklyn (27) and Alexandra Cooper (26) started a show in 2018 called "call her daddy" after coming up with the idea over a vacation. The show which was a show was a raunchy podcast about sex, dating, culture and life in New York, and it grew to become a cult sensation.

So, how did the call her daddy podcast transcend into becoming a hoodie?

Here's the big fat HOW... The podcast was acquired by Barstool Sports (the makers of the hoodie) about a month after the first episode aired and quickly began raking in hundreds of thousands of subscribers which made the show move swiftly into an unimagined fame within the shortest time while making the hosts major social media personalities and influencers too.

On the show they would often talk about things everyone can relate to, especially people in college and their 20s said Addison Rose, 19, a college student and longtime fan. "It's interesting to hear sex talked about in such an honest way from a women's perspective." And that was the main reason they attracted 12 million downloads from their previous 12,000 in less than 3 months after Barstool sports had fully owned and funded the show.

You and I know with that great turnaround in demand for a public show, the next thing to follow was going to be stuffs fans could use or carry along with them to show their love for the awesome podcasts which had now become a hit.

And without wasting much time, Barstool sports capitalised on the show and decided to increase their turn over by giving the fans a fashion like outfit to rock while they go about their daily activities, and that was how the call her daddy hoodie was birthed and it was also a hit too as it was hugely bought, ordered and manufactured in bulks. It is also still a hot selling hoodie on Amazon and all other e-commerce or retail shops, including on the Barstool sports official sales site too.

Now, have you any of the designs? I wouldn't want to get a "NO" as a reply, but if that's the case you should hurriedly navigate down this article and order one right now without much analysis on cost, wants nor value, as it fits and satisfies all of those objections without any breach.

The Barstool call her daddy I'm unwell hoodie is of high quality and perfectly designed to give you fitting with amazing comfy feel all through the day. Rocking this sweat hoodie to any outing, picnic, summer or parties would make you the center of attraction as the prints on it are attention seeking even without you saying a word all through, you would get noticed because of the "I'm unwell" and " call her daddy" prints which are natural eye catching as they are strategically printed in noticeable places on the hoodie.

You want to know the variety of call her daddy hoodie designs right? Don't worry, we've got it sorted out. The best of it designs have been carefully piled up for your pick as you navigate down reading through the reviews.

Let's get started here, pick yours and order now!

1. Call Her Daddy I Am Unwell Cropped Hoodie

Yeah! I put this first as the saying goes "ladies first". I don't think there's any young under 30-40 lady who loves looking sexy whenever shev rocks hoodies or wears a crop top who wouldn't opt to buy this beautiful piece. Designed to satisfy your taste, beauty and budget while giving you that super cool sexy feel when you wear the crop top hoodie.

The boys can't get eyes off me, that's the words of any fashionista who wears this, especially if you've got a flat tummy... Boom! You'd probably have a thousand guys lined right behind you begging to have a minute out of your time.

I Am Unwell Cropped Hoodie. Unwell is more than just a word; it's a lifestyle the inventors Alex & Sofia wear a size small too. It has a 4 star rating on Amazon and a very budget friendly price of $55 for an awesomely designed crop top hoodie with the call her daddy design.

Product description

  • ·         Manufacturer: Barstool
  • ·         Size: Medium and large
  • ·         Sex: female
  • ·         Age: all
  • ·         Colour: Sky blue
  • ·         Price: $55


2. Barstool Sports Call Her Daddy I Am Unwell Hoodie Grey

The unique I Am Unwell Unisex Call Her Daddy Hoodie is more than just a word; it's a lifestyle. Why? You may ask, but this hoodie is unisex and runs large we recommend ordering a size down if between sizes.

Being classic is being simple and good looking. But it's not about rocking just a hoodie, it's rocking a classic hoodie on a simple casual, smart fit or sport pants that makes you simple and good looking. You don't only command attention, you command respect as a fashionista.

Now, only the call her daddy I'm unwell unisex hoodie with a 4.3 star can give you that classic styling and looks.

Product description

  • ·         Manufacturer: Barstool
  • ·         Size: Medium and large
  • ·         Sex: Unisex
  • ·         Age: all
  • ·         Colour: Grey
  • ·         Price: $60


3. Barstool Sports I'm unwell Hoodie, Perfect for Tailgating College Fraternities Weekend Sports

Call her daddy right away! You've just seen the greatest super sleek comfy hoodie for the party. Is he/she unwell? I bet this would him/her super well when it show their uniqueness once worn.

The Official Barstool Sports Hoodie is Huge on college and high school campuses across the country, made famous by Barstool Sports: The self aclaimed Best Blog On The Internet. Made to fit True to Size, but order one size up if you're trying to decide, here's a clue to why you should place an order straight away; it is made of 55% cotton, 39% polyester, 6% rayon.

Now are you still thinking? I bet your answer is a capital NO...

You should also know this. It has 5.0 star rating, no customer has ever rated it below a 5.0, no buyer has ever been dissatisfied by the product.

Product description

  • ·         Manufacturer: Barstool
  • ·         Size: Medium
  • ·         Sex: Unisex
  • ·         Age: all
  • ·         Colour: Grey
  • ·         Price: $45


4. Barstool Sports call her daddy I'm unwell hoodie, black unisex.

You can place your money on this merely looking at the design and fantasizing about it. The black coloured design of the call her daddy hoodie is a an extremely fashionable sweat hoodie that matches with any outfit, even on a corporate wear, you'd still look astonishing and classic.

With a whooping 4.3 star rating on Amazon, what else would stop you now?

Here's a sneak pick of what you'd be getting once you order right now.

Now, I happen to see no reason you won't be getting this master piece of a design.

Product description

  • Manufacturer: Barstool
  • Size: All
  • Sex: Unisex
  • Age: all
  • Colour: Black
  • Price: $50


5. Barstool Sports Call her daddy degrade me hoodie

Degrade me? I think the design name should have been upgrade me (really...) Because the design, texture, quality and the comfy feel is just too exquisite for the " degrade me tag" but that's it (just my personal view though).

Would you be getting this super cool hoodie for yourself, him or her? Perfect! Just make sure you do that right away before Amazon place an "out of stock" label on it again. That's to show you it's a hot selling product from Barstool Sports.

If you're getting this for your girl or wife them why not spice it up sexually by adding the "degrade me pants" which has an awe of arousals at sight before even launching it on he sexy body (just a thought).

This amazing call her daddy degrade me hoodie has a full 5.0 star rating on Amazon, not 4.9 but a complete 5.0 in whole as all purchasers have been extremely satisfied.

Product description


Become the stylish person you want to be when you are styled by the daddy's hoodie collections manufactured by Barstool sports which have been a major hit in the fashion and entertainment industry owing to it podcast which was the initiator of this awesome hoodies.

Get yours now as a fan of the show, lover of hoodie or as a person who knows what quality and beauty means.

Why are you not buying?

Drop it in the comment box let's review.

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