Thursday, 14 May 2020

Walk up to him

Very well, I'm pretty sure most of you all know how had it is for a female being to walk up to the opposite sex to express herself.

Yeah... I'm sure that sinks. But have you ever sat down to imagine how it would have been knowing fully the sweet feeling that you wooed him and not the other way round which is the usual. Unimaginable for some I guess.

Let me share a little experience (though not personal, I felt it when I was told). Mr James (not the real name anyway) had a warm smile perfectly placed on his face when I told him he was the luckiest man of his generation for having such a sweet woman as his. But in a cold jaw-dropping reply which I got from him, it wasn't what I had pictured in my big head!
In his words; Stan... You're damn right I have a sweet woman to call mine. Nevertheless, I didn't make that choice, she did.
Confused and clueless I asked; "She proposed?"

No... That wasn't what I meant Mr James said cracking his balls. Then after a few minutes of interactive isolation, he dropped the bomb.
Abimbola (wife supposed name) actually asked me out a month after we became close pals.   
 This was a setting I have seen only in the movies, and now it was playing itself right before my eyes in the physical world. I stopped to ask myself; can it be true or oga James has come with his pranks again?

Don't get me wrong, I am not against women asking men out. It was that in this case... It was just one freaking month into their friendship and she made a move!

Wow! My reaction when I finally came to an agreement with the fact that he (Mr James) wasn't playing a quick one on me.

How amazing that moment would have been when she walked up to him to express herself, especially in this our country Nigeria where we have plenty of boys and few men (just my opinion). Then Mr James made me understand the fact that that was the moment he made up his mind she (Abimbola) was the perfect woman.

He further went on to say he hardly ever gets bored. And then the question "how?" slipped out of my lips.

In his words (Mr James); Abimbola would always walk in anytime she notices or feels he is not in a good mood and she would say; Where's that boy I toasted a few years back? And with that single line of a question, he would come back to life with a burst of uncontrollable laughter, then before you know it they are engaged in a healthy argument/talk.

Then it dawned on me that a woman who lets her feelings fly away with the birds because her crush wouldn't make the move is responsible for her emotional troubles.

Walk straight up to him and pour your heart out to him. Be bold, be a woman and man up to the situation on ground.

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