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Finding Mr Right in 2020
Mr Right
Love they say is never easy to find. But finding love isn't easy too right?

Ok... So today we will journey through the path called "love" in the direction of finding a "Mr Right" which for sure I know is a major prayer point for many this year.

Don't get me wrong ooo... I mean; a number of our ladies are quite not getting any younger and as such, the desire to settle down becomes a priority. If you are reading this and you know anyone who might find this as a good read, don't hesitate to share.

Finding a "Mr Right"... Isn't it worth knowing that getting your desired kind of man entails you getting into a strategic positioning? Don't worry, you would soon get to find out the skeleton in this cupboard as we unveil the secrets of love triangle.

Before I get into the whole Jack and James principle of finding your perfect man, let me bring to your notice of the most neglected fact which happens to be a reason why many settle for anything when everything is at their disposal. This happens to be a phenomenon which every lady out there should save in their head like a memory verse. It is the statement of truth, and I quote "you choose what you want and you get what you choose, but you can't choose when you don't know what you want".

Like a marketer, the first thing you do in creating a structured marketing campaign that would drive in sales is identifying your target market. In doing this, it becomes easier to run ads which can, in turn, generate lead and then finally conversion happens but most importantly after the conversion, retaining the customers becomes a different ball game.

Now let's bring this to the love triangle or finding our Mr Right as you may choose to call it. Before you make a prayer point to God or before you start turning down every man that approaches you this year, I would love to know if you have painted a picture of the type of man you want as your dream man.

If no, then like the early scenario I gave above, you would definitely end up settling for anything. So just in case you care to know, it simply means you are not a good marketer!


Have you ever had a meditation session? I guess you have, even though I'm helping you tell lies (smiles). Ok, now you have to actually meditate, many call it deep thinking but I call it creating the future with your mind session.

You would do this by:

  • Seating yourself down to first plan your next 5 to 10 years personally
  • Visualise where you see yourself according to your plan in that same time frame using SMART goal analysis
  • Now, think of a kind of man that wouldn't be a limiting factor but will be a partner in growth
  • Analyse your temperament and see which opposite temperament would fit yours
  • Take time to check your weakness and visualise a kind of man that would compliment

Having done this, it's time to move into positioning...


In this aspect, all you need do is find your market (where your type dream man/men are found) since you've identified your target audience (dream man).

Let's take a realistic scenario to break this down. assuming you imagined your Mr Right to be an average height man, who is a tech-savvy and loves fun, also not neglecting the fact that he has to be financially sound (just an addition), bold enough to speak anywhere and finally, a cute gentleman (but don't marry or choose a Mr Right for wrong reason). Then you should find out places where such men go to, places like tech gathering, meet-ups, business conference and the cinemas. Play around those areas and see what comes out of it.

Listen to this shocker... "You can't have what you can't attract"  
What I mean is as simple as you've just guessed... Just for emphasis, you can't sketch a picture of a sweet gentleman who is financially and intellectually sound whereas you are the exact opposite (let me save my words)

Like they say; "iron sharpeneth iron"
Go to places where you identified your dream man goes to, be a sweet girl by dressing smart and sexy, putting on a nice perfume that can call forth an angel from heaven, talk smart and wise (do this in moderation), learn to notice the emotions and the atmosphere so you don't make a fool of yourself.


Do we still have a long talk on this? No. But you need to understand the fact that time and season matters in life.

Don't force it, it will come.

Remember these keywords; Love, share, respects and reciprocate good deeds.

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  1. Thanks for this great piece of truth; "you can't have what you can't attract".



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