Monday, 4 November 2019

How to end child marriage in Nigeria

Aggravated rate of outcry on injustice to the girl child in Nigeria has been an unsolvable catastrophic disaster which for years has attracted different suggested solutions, but none have been properly effected and maintained.

Morale to uphold the feminine integrity and human dignity rises at the initial stage but dies off as time goes on.

Early child marriage is more rampant in the northern States with statistics showing that 44% of the northern girl child are married off before the age of 18.

 Due to mass move against this in the early 2000, a child right Act was enacted in 2003, in which it was stated that the minimum age for a girl to get married is 18. Till date only only 24 states out of 36 states in Nigeria have passed the Act, with most northern States refusing to pass the act.

This national ailment causes Nigeria to run at a loss of $7.6billion every year which is telling on our economy and has increased poverty as teen to teen early marriage is also a trending crisis due to unwanted early pregnancies.

 According to a UNICEF report, this has placed us (Nigeria) as the third highest absolute number of child brides in the world with 3,538,000 and still counting.

Not everyone has the heart to share but those (the victims) who are willing did pour out their minds and I was able to gather more than enough from them, coupled with my other Research and data comparison of population with regards to politics and standard of living, I was able to identify the major causes of this doom and how it can be effectively tackled.

I woul start with;

Education: this has been suggested times without number, but I would be breaking mine into two; which is educating the girls and educating the parents.

Eradication of the application of Islamic marriage law: the Islamic marriage law approves a child to be married off once she's 12 or above, and this is one reason why the northern leaders and high dignitaries have refused to pass the child right Act. Once this law can be scrapped, then the early child marriage rate can be solved.

Provision of counselling services in every local government: in Nigeria, I am very sure the numbers of counselors we have can't serve a state. More certified professionals needs to be provided in every local government in Nigeria to help in counselling every girl child and putting their parents through the consequences in a professional way.

Empowering the girl child with up-to-date skills 

Community building: Building a community of girls with experience on this issues with certified professionals who can help fight it in every local government and Creating a consistent workshop and seminars to always bring this community together at least once every three months.

These procedures will help curb the menace of child marriage in Nigeria. But, only with consistency, persistency and dedication.

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