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Orgasm is the climax of intense sexual pleasure enjoyed during sex. Often called "cuming" in modern society.


Coined from the Greek word "orgasmos" which literally means "excitement, swelling and also sexual climax". Orgasm is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual excitement during an active sexual response circle (sexual response circle is a four-stage model of physiological response to sexual stimulation; which in order of their occurrence are; the excitement, plateau, orgasmic and resolution phases.)

Taking the phases in details, the first one which is the excitement stage  is;
  the initial stage also known as the arousal stage, which is triggered by the physical contact of the sexual parts of the parties which births sexual arousal as a result of physical actions like kissing, watching erotic visuals (images and videos), caressing, touching of the sex sensual organs like the vagina, breast, and the penis. 
Activities in this stage charge up or prepare the body for sex by stimulating and arousing all needed organs, nerves and cells, causing the blood to flow into the organs. then the body prepares for sexual intercourse, this stage is known to us as foreplay.

Then moving on to the second phase, which is the plateau stage. And this stage is;
the stage prior to orgasm. this phase as stated by experts characterized by an instant increase in heart rate and the breath rate in both sexes, also involves increased sexual pleasure with with increased stimulation and an instant increase in muscle tension.
At this stage, both sexes are prone to groaning or any vocal expression due to highly increased pleasure and stimulation. But prolonged activities at this stage could result to frustration for both sexes if it doesn't progress to the orgasmic stage. For the records, this is the peak of sexual excitement and satisfaction.

This is the extension of the plateau stage where the is a quick circle of muscle contraction in the lower pelvic muscles, surrounding both the anus and the primary sex organs in the male. While the female on the hand experience this when the uterine and the vagina contracts. 
Orgasm is an uncontrollable phase and as such is characterized by involuntary actions, including vocalizations and muscular spasms in some other parts of the body and a general euphoric sensation, accompanied with a higher heartbeat rate and increased panting. 

Finally, resolution phase...
It occurs after the orgasm, it allows the muscles to go into relaxation mood, allowing the blood pressure to drop down and finally the body releases itself from the excitements of the orgasm by dropping from all other phases. 
At this stage, the man is unable to climax again or get orgasm again, the female sex also does experience this refractory period too.

Almost everyone craves for sexual satisfaction at its peak, but getting an orgasm isn't only attributed to the physical activities during sex, but also, emotions, concentration and desires have to be attached from both parties.

The sad truth is that we're often selfish with orgasm. Once we experience ours, we don't care to know or try to satisfy our partner's urge and hunger for orgasm, and this creates an imbalance between the parties. 

Always ensure to make time for enough foreplay so your bodies can be as active as your partners' (vix), then you both can both experience orgasm.

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