Wednesday, 30 October 2019

America's problem Favours Jeff Bezos.

There's always that popular saying from where I come from, "For one person to prosper, another has to suffer the consequence (s)", I guess that the American case with Jeff.

I know I sound crazy right now with no single iota of sense coming forth from my sentences. Well, as we journey together you and I will find out what this little senseless masterpiece really proves.

So there's a much silent economic problem in the US (United States) which causes a gross loss of about $190billion (source: Forbes) and from my research, it's on the high increase with a high pace due to cyber insecurity and technology advancement which aids these fraudulent activities.

So, how does this makes the super sailing entrepreneur and businesses guru, Jeff Bezos richer?

I'm sure you know the highest form of frauds currently trending is internet fraud. Where scammers either disguise as female or some related sort of helpful persons to defraud their preys, hackers penetrate sites and personal accounts to steal data, hack people's bank accounts and so many other cyber fraud issues. But in particular, I will be focusing on how they defraud Americans and other European countries while making Jeff's bank account grow at a swift pace unknowingly to them.

Amazon is founded and headed by Jeffrey. Amazon has thousands of products across different categories, ranging from electronics, ebooks, to other varieties of products. But, the product which these guys feed on is the Amazon gift card.

Amazon gift card is a special card designed by Amazon Inc. which is redeemable across the Amazon store or on 
These cards comes in various amounts, ranging from $25 to $2,000 which can only be redeemed or used once. 

So how does this favour the market for Jeff and Amazon while making life easy for the fraudsters and at the other end, the victims are busy counting their losses? 

The answer is straight forward from this simple analysis which I will be giving. The fraudsters go online, hunt for preys, and when they finally get one... They begin their process and start to have conservations with the prey. When they've trusted themselves to a certain point, this guys know and understands that requesting money from the prey at the early stage wouldn't be a perfect Idea, so they request for this special gift cards of any amount from their preys. This has been the modern trend which they use in enriching themselves (The fraudsters). 

How do they enrich themselves through this? 

It's as easy as trade by barter... 

Once they get this cards they either sell at a lesser price to those in need of it or they redeem it and get orders delivered to their doorstep, then they sell off the purchased item (s) and make their money.

With this process, the fraudsters make their cool money while Amazon makes good progress in their sales and America loses out to these guys while the victims count their losses. What a miserable flow of money that favours the innocent entrepreneurial Jeff. Just like I said at the beginning of this analysis. 

So, back to my initial saying... 
 "For one person to prosper, another has to suffer the consequence (s)". 

It's not Amazon's joy that fraudsters make them sell more, but just a simple playout of coincidence.

I guess the purchase of these cards has really helped in setting Amazon ablaze with huge returns and that in turn grows Jeff's account. 

So, one man provided a solution, another set of people turned it to a problem and a group of people fall as victims. 

More analysis to come soon...

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